Are you looking forward to hiring an SEO Company India to get your site promoted online? If yes, have you checked for the various important things before committing yourself to it? This is very important – after all, you will not like to waste your money or even worst, get your website blocked by one of the popular and the most used search engine, Google. Yes any bad company may hamper your online progress and thus it is important for you to check if the company has the following:

See if it practices only the white-hat SEO India tactics and nothing else. A good company may keep check over the use of primary and secondary keywords in the content or other parts of a website. Professionals should make sure that the site has all the essential keywords incorporated into the site’s content, headings, URLs, file names and in all the other content.

They will further make sure that your website has a proper navigation. There should be a bread crump on the site as well as a site map for both the visitors and the web crawler – HTML for users and XML for spiders.

Before you hang on with any SEO company in India, make sure whether they over do the bookmarking or directory submissions. If they will not to do it then you can trust them to be professional, otherwise, don’t trust them!

A good company may as well make sure that no forum commenting or blog/ article posting is done on polluted sites. Any directory on which the blog and articles are to be published should be authentic.

Apart all these there are other things that any professional SEO company may be doing: social media optimisation or social media marketing is another thing that the company may be practicing to bring your site on the top.